Write on paper with pencil

You already have what you need to pull this off! You need just 3 things:

Write on paper with pencil

Writing on dark paper isn't exactly something that I do a lot of, but pens for dark paper do come in handy for art journaling, where I may need to write on a coloured background.

And I don't see why you couldn't use dark paper for some of your personal notes and memos to yourself as well - just for fun. I recently did a quick test of some of the pens I own to see how suitable they were for writing on dark paper.

Here are the results: It lays down a smooth, bold line that is nearly opaque. While I usually prefer finer-tipped pens for writing, for some reason a bolder line looks better on dark paper than it does on white paper.

write on paper with pencil

While I only own the white, these pens are also available in a range of colours, including silver and gold.

Next I tried a handful of Sakura Gelly Rolls.

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The standard white Gelly Roll 2 was okay. It didn't write as smoothly as the Uni-ball, and the line was noticeably more transparent in the photo above, the white Gelly Roll looks grey compared to the Uni-ballbut is more widely available than the Uni-ball.

The Moonlight Gelly Rolls 3 worked well. They wrote smoothly and the fluorescent colours really popped on the black paper. But they were still had a slight transparency to them and were not as opaque as the Uni-ball.

You can still read it, but the ink doesn't stand out at all. They didn't pop quite as well as the Moonlights, but they still wrote smoothly and were easy to read on the dark paper.

write on paper with pencil

The photo doesn't do them justice. Their ink was also opaque, with none of the transparency of the others. The photo makes it look duller than it really is. It's acceptable, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

While these markers are great on light papers, they are simply too transparent despite their name of "opaque" to use on dark paper. I tried the yellow one here and, while I can still read it, it does not show up very well and it's hard to even tell what colour it is supposed to be.

The ink is easy to read and maintains its colour, although it is a bit dark. It wouldn't be my first choice, but it's not that bad either.

I knew the Uni-ball Signo DX 0. If you hold the paper at the right angle, you can read it, but otherwise it fades into obscurity.

My final "pen" was the Sharpie Gel Highlighter 11which I thought might have worked well - but it didn't. One thing that I don't have yet is a good marker that writes on dark paper. Two markers that I have my eye on are the Sharpie water-based paint marker and the Uni-Posca paint marker.

Have any of you tried those? Do you ever write on dark paper? What are your favourite pens for doing so?Pens and Pencils sound effects, writing and tapping and breaking pencils. Download these pen and pencil sound effects to use in your projects. “The writing tip oxidizes the paper, a trait that only casually resembles that of a pencil.” You can think of oxidization as the same process that turns newspapers yellow over time.

Is writing on a tablet with a stylus such as the iPad Pro and a pencil considered the same as writing on a piece of paper with a pencil as far as studies and memory retention and go . Writing a letter in pencil is an extremely pleasurable thing to do, especially if you've been thoughtful about the type of pencil you're using on the particular paper you've chosen.

I like a good Japanese HB for writing letters and love to use paper with some cotton in it if I have it around (hint: Muji makes a really great/really cheap cotton. paper pencil write-up Made with for people by DreamKoder Don't forget to checkout if you are looking to Hire Freelancers or Find Freelance Work.

Is it better to write in pencil or pen?

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Update Cancel. ad by Scalyr. I cannot erase ink”, and has proven to be beneficial to me. Additionally, pen ink looks better on paper than pencil does, and this is not a subjective view. Statistically, people have more respect in reading paper with ink than with graphite lead.

to write with.

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