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A Subtrope of the Harem Anime genre, a Romantic Comedy with one male protagonist, and a bunch of girls who are all in love with him, and equally close to him. The plot intentionally tries to balance out the relationship, with equal amounts of screen time, fanservice, and plot relevance for the girls. In these stories, the bigger emphasis is usually on the "comedy" part of Romantic Comedyif there is any relationship building, it will happen with all the girls one after another, or it will be reverted by the end of the episode. In some cases, if some of the girls are still in different levels of prominence, they are organized in "tiers" of main love interests, whose prominance is still balanced compared to each other, and a larger number of "minor" harem characters, who are also balanced out compared to each other.

Wonderland days sim date pacthesis

The blonde girl, based on Alice from Alice's Wonderland.

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Oliver White A shy, easily embarrassed sort of person who kindly lets Alice stay in his home until she can return to the surface. He is friends with Jack. He is the White Rabbit. He once had a friend named Fern Toln, but she passed away. His signature hat was a gift from her. He is the Mad Hatter.

Having lost his parents and sister, he took the throne at the age of As a child, his father created the rose maze as a safe place for him to play.

He is the King of Hearts. To unlock this character, you must find the key in the maze. As it turns out, Lance is actually a runaway prince from a faraway kingdom. He once played the violin, but hasn't played in years. He is the Cheshire Cat. Jack Burward Once a caterpillar, Jack spent the first 15 days of Alice's stay in his cuccoon at the entrance of the maze.

Clumsy and a bit awkward, Jack is a charming individual nonetheless, and is friends with Oliver. He is the Butterfly. He will appear on Day 15 in the maze. As a birthday gift, Noah gave her a music box with card suits and butterflies on it.

He replaces Alice's older sister in the original novel. Also, despite him not being a dateable character, it is still possible to achieve an ending with Noah. Toko A strange being from another world, Mr.

Toko represents Humpty Dumpty, and gives answers to the various riddles found throughout Wonderland.Pacthesis Games is the official home to the Days Sim Date series. Inspired by Japanese anime, visual novels and otome games.

Wonderland Days Sim Date is a romantic dating simulation game for girls. Play as Alice and find love in Wonderland! Alice falls down the rabbit hole to find well, Wonderland! Wonderland Days Sim Date is a girl's love simulation game which Pacthesis released on January 31st, It was based on the classical story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, .

Wonderland Days Sim Date. Play as Alice who falls down the rabbit hole to find well, Wonderland! Meet the bashful rabbit, hatter, charming cat, King of Hearts and more. Kongregate free online game Wonderland Days Sim Date - A dating simulation for girls.

Wonderland days sim date pacthesis

You have 30 days to explore Wonderland with an interactive stor. Play Wonderland Days Sim Date4/5(K). Wonderland Days Sim Date Guide. A walkthrough for Wonderland Days Sim Date. The goal of a dating sim is to raise your Relationship EXP with characters and .

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