White privilege four pillars of oppression

Share As most people know by now, something big is happening on the streets of New York City. It began on September 17, where a growing number of protestors began occupying Wall Street, many of them camping out in Liberty Plaza. Though first largely ignored by the media, Occupy Wall Street has gained steadily increasing attention—especially following the mass arrest of more than protestors on the Brooklyn Bridge October 1—and has inspired similar protests and occupations in hundreds of cities around the world.

White privilege four pillars of oppression

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You encountered a differing opinion and it upsets you. Do you need a safe space? Does it make you feel safer to believe I'm just a troll? You know where that term originated? If something aligned with the policy and ideology being pushed by the Politburo, it was deemed to be "Politically Correct", with the penalty of being "Politically Incorrect" being quite dire indeed.

In the words of someone interviewed leaving the stadium. If you think nurturing pathetic weakness is something you should be proud of than I really don't know what to say. There comes a point where "kindness" does more harm than good.

People who need a "safe space" will also need people to take care of them, which results in the predicament we find ourselves in now. It's clear neither of us will convince the other, so I won't add anymore.

Oppressed is being dragged out into the streets and executed like a rat. Oppressed is being forcefully contained and denied basic human rights. If blacks were oppressed, Obama wouldn't be president, nor would there have been a republican black candidate you know, the "RACIST" republicans?

LGBT are far from oppressed as well. All of the above apply as well as the fact that political and scientific progress over the past few years has only broadened the horizons of the LGBT community beyond what you could ever hope to see in other countries.

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What those groups push is not equality. Equality is what you currently have. The equality you are pushing for the is the same results with none of the effort purely because "muh disenfranchised oppressed group" If you shut down and require a quiet safe place to recover because someone disagreed with your world view than yes, PATHETIC is the only word that can describe the person.

You can't deny that homophobia, racism, misogyny still exist in the first world.

White privilege four pillars of oppression

I CAN Deny it, because it does not exist. I seem to recall a safe space discussion along these lines And there will always be those humans who are indeed racist, but there are just as many racist anti whites or other color.

It is not, to use one of your words, "systemic" as you all like to claim. And yes, those oh poor executed blacks know true oppression. Luckily these measly peasants in the path of ISIS don't have it as bad as our criminals who confront law enforcement do.

Chapter 3: Cultural Competence – Introduction to Social Work at Ferris State University

Why not hope for a truly kind and equal world? Whether or not feelings are gone, the equal opportunities or there. The racist redneck in the woods has no say in how a school in Chicago will handle the black community for example.

No matter what you do, cultural differences, independent thought, and parental influence will mean that there will always be differences in the world view of human beings. You have to at a point accept that and live with it.

So here I ask you a serious question. What do you consider racist and oppressive? Let's use the blacks being shot by police example.

Factually blacks commit more violent crime, but for some reason it's racist if stated or one dies to LE or self defense? Give me some examples. Only when black people are killed for seemingly no reason - like Trayvon Martin even though he wasn't shot by a police officer.Blog 4: White Privilege Posted on October 6, by martinezdr2 Reading these definitions on Urban dictionary really made me have to sit here and think for a little.

invisible white privilege White people, from birth, automatically benefit from their light skin color, enjoying the privileges relating to child care, education, hygiene, careers, politics, etc. Compared to white people, people of color are at a distinct disadvantage. Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is a racially selective programme launched by the South African government to redress the inequalities of Apartheid by giving certain previously disadvantaged groups (Blacks, Coloureds, Indians, and Chinese) [1] of South African citizens economic privileges previously not available to them.

It is a form of Affirmative action. I do not like being referred to as a “white man” or “straight white man” or being told to “check my privilege”. I do not like being reduced to innate physical characteristics and I certainly do not like being lumped into a group with others I know nothing about.

dents are not so much the result of "oppression olympics" but are more abour t-, we have inadequately framed "women of color" or "people of color" politics.

T.. is, the premise behind much "women of color" organizing is that women tic- communities victimized by white supremacy should unite together around ib: shared oppression. Eventually, under the rule of H.F. Verwoerd, the “pillars” of apartheid were established in the form of race definition, control over African migration, white control of politics, separation of labor, separate institutions and separate amenities.

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