Waterslide decal paper

A Cut out the image with scissors.

Waterslide decal paper

What is the waterslide decal paper and where to use it? The waterslide decal paper is a special transfer paper that you can easily use to transfer an image or text. The best things about this paper is that is translucent and can be used on almost any smooth surface.

I use them a lot on my projects because they have a high resolution and I can easily resize them to perfectly fit my needs.

I usually print multiple images on the same decal paper, not to waste any inch of this magic paper!

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Even if you bake the decorated objects like this, they will not be safe to wash in a dishwasher machine, only by hand. This special oven will practically burn the decals and permanently print your image onto the object.

How to apply the waterslide decal paper This is a demonstration on how to apply decals on a painted surface, but the principle are the same for all other surfaces. So print your images on the shiny side of the decals and let them dry for a few minutes.

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Prepare a bowl of water and set aside. Cut the images with the scissors, close to the borders. Remove the waterslide decal paper from the water and apply it on your object. Slide and gradually remove the paper base of the decal, leaving the translucent top foil with the rinted image on your object.

Use a paper towel to remove any excess water or any air bubbles under the decals.

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Wipe gently and try not to move the decals from position, starting from the inside of the image and gradually going to the outside of the image. Set aside, let them dry. Apply on all your tins that you can find and you are done!After the printing has been completed, the factory applies a covercoat to the decal paper that allows the image to be transferred to your ware (like any other waterslide ceramic or glass decal) and fired in a kiln between – Degrees Fahrenheit ( – Degrees C).

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; WHITE INKJET Water Slide Decal Paper Sheets Blank A4 Create decals for DARK surfaces and for designs with WHITE in ashio-midori.coms: The Vans Online Store.

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Much more durable than the regular waterslide.

Waterslide decal paper

5. Lay the backing paper in position on your item. Holding the offset clear decal edge in position, gently slide the backing paper out from under the opposite edge.

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onto any smooth clean surface. SURFACE must be clean and smooth for optimal contact and adhesion.

Waterslide decal paper

DIY 5 minute decal transfer on a coffee mug I already shared with you all about waterslide decal paper transfers with lots of step by step images, examples on how to use them and many tricks and tips, so I’m not going into much details again.

Blinggasm® Waterslide Decal Paper, 10 Sheets