Truck transportation company business plan

Some trucking companies have their own training programs. Many drivers who eventually become owner-operators start out as company drivers. Remember that your expenses need to include your own salary. A business adviser can help you figure out the best plan.

Truck transportation company business plan

Freight Brokers and Silicon Chips The freight broker industry is the middle man of the shipping industry. They are also known as third party transportation providers.

Is it OK to Spend Money on a Truck Company Business Plan

Freight brokers provide a service by linking customers with shippers and trucking companies. Their service is indispensable when moving goods throughout this country as there are literally hundreds of different shippers offering thousands of different services.

The freight brokers make the process of securing a shipper quite easy with one-stop shopping. Silicon chips are the basis of all types of computers as well as hand held devices such as cell phones, PDAs, even watches and some household appliances.

SFB will be occupying a niche within the general freight brokerage market by specializing in the shipment of silicon chips. Silicon chips are very specific, unusual cargo that requires special attention. The chips have a very narrow range of temperature and humidity parameters that must be maintained.

In addition to these unusual requirements, there are other specific needs that silicon chip companies have. By specializing on silicon chips as their only cargo, SFB will quickly gain market share and be known as the premier broker for chips.

The industry of chips is comprised of two distinct customers, manufacturers of chips and purchasers of chips. The manufacturers are based in the USA, however some of them produce in the States while others farm out production overseas and them import them.

truck transportation company business plan

Steve has over 10 years of freight experience, working for several different companies. This work experience has been instrumental in allowing Steve to accurately determine the market need and meet it.

For the last seven years Wendy has been an industry consultant, working quite close with companies such as Intel. SFB will achieve market penetration by remaining laser focused on their market niche, while fully utilizing their strong management team.

The utilization of Silicon Freight Brokers in at least four of the top 10 silicon chip producers, as listed in Silicon Industry Journal. To develop a sustainable, profitable, start-up business.

We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers. - Free Trucking Company Business Plan

Company Summary Silicon Freight Brokers, as the name implies, is a freight broker for the silicon chip industry. SFB has two types of customers, buyers and sellers of silicon chips.

SFB is establishing relationships with carriers that specialize in this unique cargo.Truck And Freight Company Business Plan This free, printable business plan outlines key strategies and market development for starting up a truck and freight company and competing against other shipping businesses in the market.

An Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking: Update September Katherine J. Fender Engine Business Cummins Inc. Great West Casualty Company South Sioux City, NE Mr. Jack Holmes President UPS Freight Richmond, VA Mr.

Ludvik F. Koci Director Penske Transportation Components Bloomfield Hills, MI Mr. Chris Lofgren. Draft Business Plan & Prospectus This report contains information that is confidential and proprietary to Business transportation industry by way of a business.

truck transportation company business plan

Discusses and all. Company whose objective is to become one of the largest trucking companies. A business plan for a transportation or trucking company This Business Plan is for a Transportation company or can be used for any type of Trucking business.

This business plan contains 25 pages, as well as, 5 year financial projections. Many independent trucking contractors are earning more than $,00 a year. Many have an established and growing business with several trucks and employee drivers always on the road carrying loads.

1. Getting Starting in the Trucking Business. a. Regardless of whether you want to drive for a company, work as an independent trucker, or start your own trucking company, obtaining a Commercial Driving License (CDL) is usually the first step to getting started in the trucking business.

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