Thesis and wpmu

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Thesis and wpmu

Colon Whitehead -Journey motif The girl is traveling across the bridge, her physical journey.

Thesis and wpmu

When she walks onto the bridge, there is a clear destination in mind, and her reason for getting onto the bridge is clear As the journey continues, she faces challenges along the way. Not knowing if she should continue on Why are there people coming back from manhattan and heading in the other direction on the bridge?

Everything is hazy and unclear to her.

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The future is unknown. The real reason for going on the journey becomes clear as we continue reading on. To escape reality and think about the future. Journey through time Thinking about the future.

Reflecting on what she wants to accomplish. Future is unclear to her and the journey provides her with the chance to discover the changes that are to come. The journey of the man who once walked the bridge and now has two kids and a corner office.

Thesis and wpmu

The man who stopped in the middle of his journey. He goes on a physical journey across the bridge, but in reality he really is going through a spiritual journey. His intentions when first getting onto the bridge is to just get from one side to the other.

Along the way we realize that his journey is about so much more than just getting to the other side.

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In the end the journey becomes about the transition from childhood into adulthood. While on the bridge, the perfect moment provides for an epiphany. This epiphany is the moment where everything makes sense to him and he loses all of the confusion that he had felt beforehand.

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, Walt Whitman —journey motif The person who is going on the journey is Whitman himself when he goes on the ferry. Whitman is going on a simple everyday journey on the ferry across the river on his way back home from work just as many other people do everyday.

Challenges on the way include discovering how the past and future are related. Other challenges along the way include all of the hatred and violence and evils that everyone has to face in life.

In the end the real reason for going on this journey is really to discover how past and future generations are related, the spiritual journey that he went through, future generations will also experience the same things.

The experience of self discovery is a common journey that relates him to the future generations Journey also provides him with the opportunity of connecting with nature, and in doing so he discovers more about himself, which is what will be common with future generations as well.

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