The importance of the preservation of the environment for the survival of mankind

Urban Hydroponic Gardeners Preservation And Conservation Of Environment People those who are mainly concerned with protecting the environment will often use the terms preservation and conservation. These two terms are often confused and are generally used to mean the same thing, although differences exist. In this article we will briefly discuss about environmental preservation and conservation and their major differences.

The importance of the preservation of the environment for the survival of mankind

Reasons to Protect and Conserve Water Resources An ecosystem is composed of living and non-living parts, whether it is terrestrial or aquatic, explains the book Valuing Ecosystem Services: The non-living parts are the soil, water, air, and nutrients, and living elements are plants, animals, micro-organisms, and humans.

A healthy ecosystem has all the chemical elements and nutrients circulating in a cycle while supporting millions of species.

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The myriad of species all help in the process of cycling elements when they produce food, eat, go about their lives, and even through their deaths. In this process a variety of goods and services are created that are useful for humans.

Food Chain The food chain is an example of a useful part of the ecosystem.

The importance of the preservation of the environment for the survival of mankind

Encyclopedia Britannica explains that plants use sunlight, water, and elements in soil and air to create food for themselves. They are in turn eaten by animals and micro-organisms.

Humans are the top of the food pyramid in any ecosystem because they use plants and animals for food. Earthworms and small insects, like bees pollinating plants, are all part of the environment without whom the food chain would be broken. World production can be gauged when one considers that 2, million tons of cereals alone were grown in according to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO in the first Summary Table.

The University of Minnesota points out that the nutritional value of food has decreased since the s, "so we are now getting less nutrition per calorie in our foods. Natural Resources and Products Derived From Them Besides food, ecosystems provide several other natural resources useful for people.

The most important are: Water - Water is important enough to be declared a human right by the United Nations pg. Medicines - Many plants have been used as medicines for hundreds of years, and are even now exploited by modern pharmaceuticals, according to TEEB.

Clothing - Clothes are produced from plants like wood pulp, cotton, hempjute or animal products like silkwool, and leather, as listed by Natural Fibres ; in addition synthetic clothes are produced from petroleum products say Trusted Clothes.

Wood - Wood from forests or plantations is used as fuel or in construction and furniture states TEEB. Biofuels - Biofuelslike bioethanol, are extracted from wheat, corn or biomass crops like willow, according to Union of Concerned Scientists.

Fossil fuels - Fossil fuels, such as coal, gas and crude oil used in transportation, energy generation and production of plastics and chemicals, depend on dead plant and animal biomass produced by previous ecosystems that are stored and accumulated over millions of years on earth, explains BBC Bitesize.

Quality of Air Trees produce oxygen when they produce their food through photosynthesis. In addition during this process trees also use carbon dioxide in the air and reduce its concentrations in the atmosphere, points out BBC-GCSE Bitesize.

This process regulates and maintains the carbon cycle. This is the reason cutting trees leads to global warming. Trees can also remove pollutants in the air. Temperature Moderation TEEB says shade cast by trees and plants also moderates temperatures, making warm places cooler, and providing warmth in cold areas.

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Prevention of Disasters Natural ecosystems that are undisturbed can moderate severe events and limit their damage. For example, swamps on coasts can slow water flow and hold water from sea storms, and prevent flooding and its associated destruction of habitats and human settlements.

Biodiversity Biodiversity is the sum of diversity at various levels: A scientific study in pg. What Biodiversity Affects Biodiversity in terms of number of species and individuals or population size of a species can also impact many processes in its ecosystem such as: Natural cycling of elements, like nitrogen or carbon, and soil fertility Water purification and rainwater harvesting Pest and disease cycles Drought resistance of an area or forest Further Interconnections A recent scientific study in lists more interconnections between species, their size, and the ecosystem.

Decrease in production of plants that changes and decreases number of animals and micro-organisms dependent on them Processes and flows of energy through the ecosystem Stabilization of entire ecosystems over time and space since more is better in this case. With decreasing species or individuals important functions they perform are lost.

For example, when forests are cut down to make way for farms, many nutrients in soil are reduced, as their cycle is broken.

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This affects the number of soil bacteria. Adding chemical fertilizers further kills beneficial micro-organisms that decompose compost and make nutrients available for crops, or break down harmful compounds. This ends in dramatically decreasing soil fertility even though high concentrations of chemical fertilizers are added, and reducing crop yields explains FAO.

The importance of the preservation of the environment for the survival of mankind

So, the consequences are more costly for the economy. Natural Beauty Another reason the environment is so important is because it is a source of natural beauty.Survival Sayings and Quotes Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old survival quotes, survival sayings, and survival proverbs, collected over the .

Importance of Plants in nature. Environment and the climate are interlinked Good really helpful article on importance of it is not the end plants have.

Lack of an importance for survival has a very negative effect on reproductive success. The instinct to survive and reproduce are two traits that experience the highest levels of selection pressure possible. How Conservation Helps People, Too.

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Exactly what I needed. - Jenna Kraig, student @ UCLA. Wow. Most helpful essay resource ever! Importance Of Environmental Protection the importance of conservation and preservation of ecosystems to and reduce the chance of survival of.

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