The flaws in the character of macbeth

It does not seem to matter what type of character of the female lead portrays, she will inevitably be at the root of the problems within the story.

The flaws in the character of macbeth

I do not fully sympathize with Hamlet, in that I see him with few or no flaws but merely trapped by his circumstances. Rather, I see him as a semi-sympathetic character for his human-like flaws of character, but, as such, he also possesses some serious flaws and is not altogether a sympathetic character for me.

These flaws are understandable, but not at all sympathetic. To me, Hamlet is a very dislikeable person. Many of his faults seem to spring from his single greatest imperfection which I perceive to be self-centeredness.

Because of this self-centeredness, several qualities of Hamlet which would otherwise be commendable become corrupted. Hamlet does not assume roles because he wants to help people, or because he simply wants to do well for the inherent value of excellence, he wants to try roles and succeed in them for his own glory.

This also has an influence on his perfectionism. It also often leads to selfishness because often personal glory or recognition becomes the consuming goal of the person. Hamlet also shows extremely rash judgment. He quickly agrees to do things, again this eagerness to assume various roles, when they seem to be to his best advantage to do so.

When he first talks with the Ghost, he immediately wants to know who killed his father, assuming that the Ghost is that of his dead father. He judges the credibility of the ghost and that his own killing of Claudius is the best course of action much too quickly it seems.

He later hesitates, but not necessarily because of whether it is right or wrong, but because he wants to do it perfectly — at just the right time, in just the right way, in order that he might be the complete acknowledged victor.

He also rashly judges Ophelia as being rude and cruelly makes fun of and betrays her. He uses the one example of his mother as basis for expressing his view of all women: However, Hamlet is not a villain. As humans, do not all of us often act impetuously, and out of sometimes unconscious selfish motives?

And do we not also often judge erroneously, especially when circumstances pressure us to do so?

The flaws in the character of macbeth

Therefore, I view Hamlet as certainly sympathetic. BUT, I cannot reconcile his incredible, repeated acts of self-centeredness, so he is not a hero, nor a completely sympathetic character in my mind. Related This entry was posted on March 19, at 7: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. I think that you have a very interesting point here.The Tragedy of Macbeth. Acts 4-V Test.

Act 4 – Multiple Choice. A major purpose of Act 4 is to foreshadow events related to: a. Lady Macbeth’s fate b. Macduff’s family Macduff’s refusal to refute Malcolm’s claims of character flaws.

What is Malcolm’s primary role in Act 4? a. to fulfill the witches’ prophecies b. to bring. Mar 02,  · Best Answer: His tragic flaw is disputed. Some say Macbeth was manipulated by "fate" and pulled into his demise by his ambition. Others say that the potential for evil always lay in his heart.

You can check out the link below for more info on Macbeth's Resolved. You may be asked, "What is the nature of evil in "Macbeth"? Again, you'll need to decide for yourself.

Shakespeare only uses the word "evil(s)" in the England scene, and only uses it to refer to bad deeds and bad character traits. Nov 08,  · In Macbeth's case, he is bullied and cajoled into murdering Duncan by his wife.

You might say that his flaw is that he is controlled by his wife, . Text of MACBETH with notes, line numbers, and search function. Macbeth's cousin, Ross is a Scottish noble who eventually turns on Macbeth, choosing to side with Malcolm and the English forces.

Angus, Menteith, and Caithness Scottish nobles who join with Malcolm and the English forces in opposing Macbeth.

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