Smes in kenya free essays for college

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Smes in kenya free essays for college

They create jobs, contribute to GDP, aid industrial development, satisfy local demand for services, innovate and support large firms with inputs and services. In Asia, the regional and global economic slowdown has raised the need for a new growth model, strengthening business and economic opportunities for SMEs to boost national productivity and social welfare.

Kenya has been chosen because of its dynamic private sector; recognised role SMEs play in the economy; and the need to effectively utilise this. According to the IMF, growth in these countries have been supported by infrastructure investment efforts and strong private consumption.

Many African countries are turning to entrepreneurs to support future growth. With entrepreneurship playing a vital role in the development of a vibrant and formal small business-sized sector, there is much scope for SMEs to support African growth. This positive growth projection is based on a number of assumptions, including increased rainfall and enhanced agricultural production, continued low oil prices, and reforms in governance and justice.

The manufacturing, construction, financial and insurance sectors slowed down, while accommodation and food services, mining, quarrying, electricity, water supply and information and communication sectors recorded improvements. In Kenya, SMEs play a key role in economic development and job creation.

Under the Micro and Small Enterprise Act ofmicro enterprises have a maximum annual turnover of KESand employ less than 10 people. Small enterprises have between KES ,00 and 5 million annual turnover and employ people. Medium enterprises are not covered under the act, but have been reported as comprising of enterprises with a turnover of between KES 5 million and million and employing employees.

Most SMEs fall under the informal sector called jua kali, which means hot sun or fierce sun in Swahili. Initially, jua kali referred to people working under the hot sun or open air.

By extension, the term now refers to people in self-employment or small-scale industries. In other reports, jua kali refers to all enterprises employing between employers in all sectors. It therefore appears that jua kali could refer to both formal and informal sector SMEs.


Kenya does not have a comprehensive record of SMEs. The government recognises the role of the informal sector and seeks ways to integrate these businesses into the formal sector.

"Challenges Facing Growth Of Smes In Kenya" Essays and Research Papers Bachelor's degree, College, THE FREE PRIMARY EDUCATION POLICY IN KENYA INTRODUCTION According to the Kenyan government. StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. Essays; Resource Center; Sign Up GROWTH OF SMEs IN KENYA CHAPTER ONE; The College they were sending the students was in Rennes. ESC Rennes School of Business. Finally, something that appealed to me. The international journal of management Science and information technology (IJMSIT) is a refereed journal and publishes high-quality theoretical and empirical papers in the areas of management science and information technology.

According to the Doing Business in Kenya report, the ease with which businesses can be registered has a bearing on the number of entrepreneurs who start businesses in the formal sector, leading to jobs and more government revenue. In Kenya, starting a business involves seven procedures, takes 22 days and costs Although Kenya has generally made progress in making it easier to start a business, there are questions as to how easy starting a business is for SMEs.

smes in kenya free essays for college

The benefits that will accrue to Kenya through integration and skills development of its large, yet unproductive, informal sector are significant. Under its economic pillar, apart from supporting the informal sector, the country hopes to accelerate economic growth by increasing national savings, implementing governance and institutional reforms and addressing poor infrastructure and high energy costs.

The government is currently involved in some infrastructure developments, which have the potential to ease some of the constraints to doing business, such as the lack of electricity and accessible roads.

Barriers and threats to SME growth in Kenya The Deloitte Kenya Economic Outlook notes Kenyan SMEs are hindered by inadequate capital, limited market access, poor infrastructure, inadequate knowledge and skills and rapid changes in technology.

Corruption and an unfavourable regulatory environment are other challenges. The Uwezo fund aims to expand access to finances and promote women, youth and persons living with a disability. The Kenyan government is also promoting small and medium scale manufacturing firms and plans to develop SME parks.

To address this problem, a series of initiatives are taking place. The research highlighted the difficulty in tracking the size of the SME market and its need for financial services. In order for Kenya to fulfil its desire to underpin inclusive and sustained economic development, SME lending must increase and improve further.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.

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