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Obviously you select runtime settings that are appropriate for what you are trying to achieve with your test, but the funny thing is that there are actually a small list of settings that are usually appropriate for most situations. Read on… Whenever I am using a vuser type that allows multiple actions in a single script, I will create a separate action for each business process and put appropriate percentage weightings on each action. It is very unusual to have to do anything more complicated than this.

Single aus oer erkenschwick

LoadRunner Script Runtime Settings

The threshold was crossed in Junewhen a college success program offered at Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana took the total count over themark. As we take this combination to colleges and universities, we're seeing remarkable results.

The school, which has multiple locations all over the state, started working with Lumen in on a multi-year project to develop OER course materials as approved alternatives for many of its general education courses.

Last year, about a fifth of the student population was able to take courses using OER. In addition, an efficacy research project found evidence of improved student outcomes in those classes: Students were more likely to receive a C or better and slightly less likely to drop classes compared to students in the non-OER sections.

Currently, Lumen's catalog addresses plus high-enrollment courses. The fall semester has seen a bump by 50 percent in the number of schools enrolling a thousand or more students in their Lumen-supported class sections.

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Single aus oer erkenschwick

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For the first time ever, , students have enrolled in Lumen Learning-supported courses in a single term. The threshold was crossed in June , when a college success program offered at Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana took the total count over the , mark.

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