Our indian villages

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Our indian villages

My argument is in the favour of villages. Indian Villages — The name itself brings in a lot of happiness and fun-filled memories.

The place where we can smell the land, we can see all-round greenery and peace far away from the chaos and hustle life of cities. The calmness and serenity of the atmosphere sends is in itself a positive outlook.


Village is the place where our daily rice and wheat comes from. It is the place where our daily commodities like sugar, honey, tea, coffee, milk, oil, wood, etc comes from. The list is endless. The credit for ecological balance also goes for the villages where the trees take care of the pollution that we create in cities.

The term village itself signifies Strength. It is Our indian villages termed as the backbone of India.

Indian villages - our strength or our weakness?

The cities and villages have to go hand in hand to achieve considerable progress. In the GDP growth where other sectors are scoring more is due to the fact that they have been stressed more and more amount of inputs are being diverted to these sectors.

It could be a pathetic stage for a country like India to import food for its citizens. India may grow be leaps and bounds in IT, Industrial, and other sectors in cities but Villages are going to stay as a major strength for any developing country like India.

The country is shining in many fields like sports, business, politics and many more but the world is still recognizing India for its diverse culture. This culture is almost dead in cities but these are still living in villages hence they contribute to our reorganization.

Indian villages surely forms an integral part of Indians success in global arena.

Our indian villages

The main contribution that they provide is the stability of economy, which is basically lacking in the cities. But their contribution by far is very less considering the fact of what they are actually capable of.

Improving infrastructure may be just one of the solutions to this problem. But the root cause lies in the thinking level of the people. An educated person thinks every aspect of life in a different way than compared to an illiterate. By building knowledge based economy our country is surely going to succeed in bringing a good economic growth in the next 50 years.

In India more than 55 yrs of independence majority of people live and find their livelihood in agriculture. The contribution of agriculture though declining, still significant in GDP. But the basic problem which our village suffers is lack of infrastructure facilities.

This would certainly boost up our economy. So Government should have to pay attention towards the betterment of their life, and their children life, no doubt, government trying to make them educated but, the real need is to provide them quality education.

This education policy is also some what responsible for the bad condition of villagers. And after getting well educated they do not want to work in the farm. So the ultimate solution for that is to make them aware properly regarding their Future.

Also they should be given more attention to provide latest farming technology, proper financial support, also insurance risk cover of their crops.


We must stop them from going to cities, for that we have to provide earning source at their doorstep menace at villages. Better way to help them is to provide subsidies to agricultural expenditure, and should provide some support to set up the agri-based processing plants.

Only then they can improve their livelihood, and after that only we can imagine about the Peaceful India. And if we able to do this then no one can resist us to reach on the top of the World. Common people who reside in the villages and small towns are not getting a much of it.

Apart basic developments like of telecom and media. Which have become phenomena in the present?The Knife River Indian Heritage Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to promote the preservation, development and public understanding of the Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site.

It is the intent of the Foundation to provide for this understanding by soliciting financial. Indian Villages – Strength of India: Mahatma Gandhi once said – “The future of India lies in its villages”. According to Gandhiji, villages are self-sufficient units.

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Our indian villages

The ground that Santa Fe is built upon was originally inhabited by a number of Pueblo Indian villages. Many of these villages, built around , were abandoned years before Spanish settlers arrived, leaving little modern day evidence of their existence. In Favor: In villages rice, wheat, and all the grains are produced.

Villages are backbone of India.

Ecological balance is maintaining by villages. Groups discussion Indian Villages – Our Strengths or our Weaknesses. This GD covers the discussion, conclusion and facts.