Nt2580 unit 2 assignment 1 calculcate

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Nt2580 unit 2 assignment 1 calculcate

Qualitative Analysis Question 1: In the Equitation, TR represents total revenue, TC is total cost, i is the interest rate, and t indicates the time period. The value of the firm is the discounted present value of the expected future profits.

In order to maximize the value, firms have to increase the sales and reduce the cost. They may increase the sales by understanding the target customers, add value to the customers, maintain a good relationship with the customers and venders, doing promotion event and advertisement, and adjusting the retail price.

The production, retail, and supply chain department are responsible for the total cost. They may eliminate the cost by negotiating the cost with venders or suppliers and adjusting the labor cost.

Besides the production, retail, and supply chain departments, other departments can help to reduce the total cost too. All the sales growth and cost control activities affect the risks of the firm.

Therefore, the discount rate is used to determine the present values. That is how the equation is used to describe the integrated nature of managerial decision making across the functional areas of business Question 2: The economic profit concept provides the more appropriate basis for evaluating business operations.

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Economic profit concept allows for a risk-adjusted normal return, and it considers both cash and noncash items. When business profits are substantial, economic profits can be negative given the effects of inflation, risks and etc.

However, the business accounting profit only reflects explicit costs and revenues. Business profits are no guarantee to the growth or maintenance of the capital investment.

Describe the effects of each of the following managerial decisions or economic influences on the value of the firm 12 points: The firm is required to install new equipment to reduce air pollution.

Through heavy expenditures on advertising, the firm's marketing department increases sales substantially. The production department purchases new equipment that lower manufacturing costs. The firm raises prices. Quantity demanded in the short run is unaffected, but in the longer run, unit sales are expected to decline.

The Federal Reserve System takes actions that lower interest rates dramatically. An expected increase in inflation causes generally higher interest rates, and, hence, the discount rate increases. Coca-Cola ensures enormous profits, profit margins and the rate of return on investment by ensuring the lower cost and higher price and sales.

They sell the ingredient to bottler to avoid the problem with investment in bottling plants, machinery and delivery expenses. They will carry the same strategy moving forward to the international market. Calculate the current ratios of and based on Figure 1.

In which year did Coca-Cola experience its lowest net profit? Use the formulas shown below to calculate Pd and Ps.

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Ps is the market supply relationship expressed as price being a function of quantity. Add to your table another market supply relationship: Use the quantity data as the x-axis.Daniel Sullivan NT UNIT 2 ASSIGNMENT 1 CALCULATE THE WINDOWS OF VULNERABILITY The time between each of these areas or, the vulnerability’s lifecycle is divided into three risk areas.

These areas are listed below and explained briefly. Black Risk (Exogenous): During the time from discovery to disclosure, only a closed group is aware of this vulnerability. G Prove relationships between angles in polygons by using properties of complementary, supplementary, vertical, and exterior angles; Packet ashio-midori.com PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS.

Nt2580 unit 2 assignment 1 calculcate

Problem 1. From the following particulars you are required to calculate BEP. (a) Fixed cost $. 2, 00, , selling price per unit $. 40, variable cost per unit $.

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Curricular Requirements CR1a The course is structured around the enduring understandings within Big Idea 1: Limits. ASSIGNMENT: Pythagorean Theorem Converse and Inequalities Worksheet Grade: Friday, 1/11 Isosceles Right Triangles (45°°°) Page 1 of 2 (continue on) 12 15 x 11 13 13 x x 21 6 3 10 x d 5 6 3.

9. If you place a 16 ft ladder 6 feet from A tree broke 6 feet from the bottom.

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