Major cause and effect of malnutrition in india

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. This affects the child at the most crucial period of time of development, which can lead to permanent impairment in later life.

Major cause and effect of malnutrition in india

Malnutrition can result from various environmental and medical conditions. Badly fitting dentures may contribute. Those who live alone and are isolated are more at risk. Some people do not have enough money to spend on food, and others have limited cooking skills.

Celiac disease is a genetic disorder that involves a gluten intolerance. It may result in damage to the lining of the intestines and poor food absorption.

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Persistent diarrhea, vomiting, or both can lead to a loss of vital nutrients. These can make it hard to digest food, absorb certain vitamins, and produce hormones that regulate metabolism.

Alcohol contains caloriesso the person may not feel hungry. They may not eat enough proper food to supply the body with essential nutrients. Risk factors In some parts of the world, widespread and long-term malnutrition can result from a lack of food. In the wealthier nations, those most at risk of malnutrition are: There are several ways to identify adults who are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition, for example, the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool MUST tool.

MUST has been designed to identify adults, and especially older people, with malnourishment or a high risk of malnutrition. It is a 5-step plan that can help health care providers diagnose and treat these conditions. Here are the steps: Measure height and weight, calculate body mass index BMIand provide a score.

Note the percentage of unplanned weight loss and provide a score. For example, an unplanned loss of 5 to 10 percent of weight would give a score of 1, but a percent loss would score 2. Identify any mental or physical health condition and score. For example, if a person has been acutely ill and taken no food for over 5 days, the score will be 3.

Social Determinants of Malnutrition

Add scores from steps 1, 2 and 3 to obtain an overall risk score. Use local guidelines to develop a care plan. If the person is at low risk of malnutrition, their overall score will be 0. A score of 1 denotes a medium risk and 2 or more indicates a high risk.

MUST is only used to identify malnutrition or the risk of malnutrition in adults. It will not identify specific nutritional imbalances or deficiences. Recommendations include ongoing screening at the hospital and at home.The causes of malnutrition in India can be categorised under the following headings: Physio-graphical Causes: Due to geographical diversity and regional imbalance in terms of resources, certain regions in the country lack availability of .

Essay on Malnutrition in India; Essay on Malnutrition in India. Words Jan 6th, 24 Pages. Show More. To find out the major causes of malnutrition. 3. To find out the effects / incidence of malnutrition problem.

4. To address the way to eradicate the malnutrition problems. One of the major causes for malnutrition in India is economic inequality. Due to the low social status of some population groups, their diet often lacks in both quality and quantity. Women who suffer malnutrition are less likely to have healthy babies.

Deficiencies in nutrition inflict . The economist Amartya Sen observed that poverty is major cause of malnutrition and famine has always a problem of poverty and unbalanced distribution of food.

2. Hike in food prices or food inflation.

Major cause and effect of malnutrition in india

Effect of Malnutrition: Malnutrition in India. send. By clicking "Send". Poverty in India: Causes, Effects, Injustice & Exclusion Despite the country's meteoric GDP growth rate (about 9%), poverty in India is still pervasive; especially in rural areas where 70% of India’s billion population live.

A strange fact about anemia and famine is that lack of food and poor quality of water that cause people to have anemia tend to effect men more than women. It is observed that in all famine records most people that die as a result of anemia or contaminated water and food are males, even in regions that normal males have higher life expectancies.

What are the causes of Malnutrition?