Eagle impairment case

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Eagle impairment case

Try one month for 99 cents Pittsfield officer facing assault charges Posted Wednesday, July 12, 9: Officer Michael McHugh, 42, of Pittsfield, was in Berkshire Superior Court on Wednesday and entered not guilty pleas to charges of assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon a shod footmisleading a police officer, and making a false statement as a public employee.

A co-defendant in the case, Jason C. Labelle, also of Pittsfield and who is not a police officer, was indicted by the same Berkshire grand jury that heard McHugh's case. Labelle, who faces charges for allegedly assaulting and beating the same year-old man during the incident, is expected to be arraigned on July McHugh has been on paid administrative leave since August pending "the outcome of the required Civil Service Processes," according to a statement from Police Chief Michael Wynn.

The department opened an internal investigation into the matter in AugustWynn said. The department's Detective Bureau launched its own investigation, which eventually led to the criminal charges. It is not clear what in McHugh's police report is alleged to be falsified.

But in McHugh's disputed police report, McHugh stated that Labelle, a neighbor and friend, and his family were being harassed and stalked by the man. McHugh's report describes the following scenario. Labelle contacted McHugh on July 4,after seeing the man driving his truck around the neighborhood.

Labelle and McHugh then drove around to look for the man. Later, they saw the truck pull into a driveway. At that point, McHugh confronted the man in the truck. After identifying himself as a police officer and ordering the man to show his hands, McHugh said the man in the truck refused to exit the truck and made a move away from the driver-side door.

That, McHugh stated, made him fear the driver was reaching for a weapon, though no weapon was ever found. Once the driver was out of the truck, McHugh's report reads, the man seemed intoxicated and McHugh's search turned up three open Twisted Tea bottles in the center console.

McHugh had Labelle wait at the end of the driveway, while he attempted to make contact with the homeowner. Later, McHugh heard Labelle and the man yelling, and McHugh stated that while Labelle had moved up the driveway, he "never witnessed [Labelle] get within arm's reach of [the man].

McHugh, who was off-duty at the time, wrote in his report, however, that he physically removed the driver from the truck, that he struck him in the midsection two or three times with his knee, and got the man face-down on the ground. On-duty officers arrived and had the victim perform field sobriety tests, which showed impairment, though the man refused to take a breath test.

The man was arrested and charged with drunken driving, possession of an open container of alcohol in a vehicle, and disturbing the peace. McHugh is listed as the arresting officer in court documents.

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The man's trial on those charges is scheduled for July A statement Wynn released on Wednesday afternoon did not get into details about the McHugh incident. Wynn did state that "Whenever the Pittsfield Police Department becomes aware of alleged misconduct by any of our members, we take those allegations very seriously.

Service as a police officer requires a high degree of public trust, and police officers, justifiably, are held to a higher standard. A pretrial hearing in McHugh's case is scheduled for Nov. Labelle has been indicted but not yet arraigned on charges of assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon a shod footfiling a false criminal report, and witness intimidation.intentionally, without authorization to access any nonpublic computer of a department or agency of the United States, accesses such a computer of that department or agency that is exclusively for the use of the Government of the United States or, in the case of a computer not exclusively for such use, is used by or for the Government of the United States and such conduct affects that use by or.

Eagle impairment case

In the presented case, bilateral Eagle syndrome was associated with significant left ICA stenosis and right ICA kinking. The patient was symptomatic on the left side with positive ipsilateral brain infarcts and significant left ICA stenosis so she underwent left ICA endarterectomy.

Waters North America case, the court ruled that the Environmental Protection Act wording, “The attorney general or any person (italics added) may” sue to protect “the air, water, and other natural resources from pollution, impairment, or destruction,” didn’t actually mean any person.

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effects of motivation on employee performance: a case study of ghana commercial bank, kumasi zone. Norwegian oil company Statoil widened its loss during the fourth quarter of mainly due to impairment charges.

The company on Tuesday reported that its net loss was $ billion during the fourth quarter , compared to $ billion loss in the fourth quarter of He said the Florida Supreme Court has already ruled the state’s workers’ compensation adequate in one case and that the Oklahoma case hinged on language that isn’t part of Kansas law.

Eagle impairment case
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