Dank memes essay

I write dark stuff. Some of it is funny. Click on the little icon on the black bar above. Postmodernism, or at least the final evolution of any artistic idea before its death and rebirth in a new sincerity, has always kept me in a sort of fascination for the movement.

Dank memes essay

We had harambe, Donald Trump and Rick Harrison. But how did we get to the dankness that we are at today.

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I will attempt to provide a historical analysis of the dankest year that is In order to understand fully why we are where we are, we have to go back to the very beginning. During this time the term dank memes began to be used for new memes instead of old mainstream memes.

Dank memes essay

This was a very important part of dank memes becoming what it is today. This was a huge advancement that led to dank memes being available for all to see. On June ofTrump Dank memes essay that he would be running for president. This created a whole new market for memes, Most political memes were about obama but there was nothing much to do with him.

Latest Dank Memes + Funny Videos On May 26th,YouTuber fennthulhu uploaded a parody video titled "How 2 make dank memes! On December 20th, YouTuber Ethan Holey uploaded a video in which he recommends using "dank memes" as a replacement for the terms "awesome," "cool" or "bodacious" shown below, right.

He barely did anything that would provide for a good meme. The market began to die but after trump decided to run for president, people began making memes about all the politically incorrect things he was saying. Finally we get to The year started of relatively good but then on May 28th, The most horrific thing happened that will change the world.

People took to the internet to protest the killing, some blaming the zoo for not trying to put him to sleep, others blamed the parents for letting the child into the enclosure.

For all we know it provided us with some dank meme that will last for a long time. But then on July 22nd, Trump officially won the primaries which led to a surplus of trump memes then there was demand for. This resulted in a depression since the value of Trump Memes dropped. On September the 28th, The subreddit MemeEconomy was created.

This would become the main place to buy and sell memes, before it was a handful of smaller subreddits. Lots of memes were created during this time. Deus vult began to have popularity and trebuchets began to take fame also, it got so popular that they created its own subreddit.

Finally on November the 8th, Trump has officially won the presidency. Most people were expecting a Clinton win so they had memes ready for release as soon as she won. After the media announced that trump won, people scrambled to make some dank meme.

Finally we come to where we are now. Lots of things have changed since the first dank meme. But we must ask ourselves, what the fuck are we doing with our lives, have we gone too far with making memes a currency with a stock market, have we gone too far by mourning a gorilla for the 6 month straight.Dec 18,  · Ogr8 m8 u leave a like or shrek gunna cum in your room at night.

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The History of Dank Memes: Part 1 : MemeEconomy

Can’t finish my essay Our main features that stand out us among other sites are special funny dank memes from Russia in . Explore and laugh with more than + funny shit memes, humor pictures, gifs, lists, quizzes bomb-ass vines & videos.

You've never seen so weird and dank shit meme in You'll LAUGH OUT LOUD, we promise. Nov 18,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. On the “Jill Stein Dank Meme Stash” Facebook page, supporters of the Green Party Presidential candidate share bafflingly absurd and occasionally funny “dank memes” about her and the other.

If you feel bored, if you have to write an essay, you can always go on the group, have a bit of fun, or judge the bad memes, because let’s face it, those do get posted. There’s nothing to lose. really, and there is so much dankness to gain.”.

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