Compare and contrast innate and adaptive immunity essay

Differences Between Innate and Adaptive Acquired Immunity Different tissues work together in harmony to form complex systems in order to serve different vital functions in our body. Immune system is one of the most crucial systems of the body that is very important for human survival.

Compare and contrast innate and adaptive immunity essay

Contrast the innate immune response and the adaptive immune response Innate vs. Adaptive Immunity The immune system is classically subdivided into two major categories: The differences between the adaptive and innate immune systems have to do with their mode of operation.

Be design, the innate immune system is designed in such a way that it gives a kind of awe and shock protection against viruses, bacteria, as well as other body invaders.

The immune invaders have antigens on their surfaces, which are signs that are easily detected by the immune system, which in return respond to action. Generally, the innate immunity is a non-specific defense mechanism which comes into play within a few hours or immediately after an antigen has been detected in the body system Introduction to Immunology Tutorial: The mechanisms can be inform of physical barriers for example on the skin, chemicals in the blood, as well as immune system cells which attack foreign cells within the body.

Compare and contrast innate and adaptive immunity essay

Adaptive immunity on the other hand refers to antigen-specific response. Actually, the adaptive immune system is considered to be more complicated as compared to the innate immunity. In adaptive immune response, the antigen must first be recognized and then processed.

After the antigen has been recognized, the adaptive immune system forms an army of immune cells particularly designed to attack the specific antigen. Also, adaptive immunity is comprised of a memory which determines future responses against particular antigens more specific.

Compare and contrast innate and adaptive immunity essay

The immunologic memory created helps in preventing reinfection. References Introduction to Immunology Tutorial: Retrieved July 16,from www.

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Innate vs Adaptive Immunity The major function of the immune system is to defend the host against pathogens and toxins, a task which is essential to any organism.

Compare and Discern the Clear Difference Between Any Similar Things. In contrast, the adaptive system has high potency.

Apr 21,  · Compare and contrast the development and function of B1 and B2 cells throughout life. INTRODUCTION: B cells are the effector cells of antibody mediated immunity, the .

The innate immune system is composed of physical and chemical barriers, phagocytic leukocytes, dendritic cells, natural killer cells, and plasma proteins. Adaptive immune system is composed of .

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