Colgate palmolive toothbrush case study

Case study solutions by top business students. The case study highlights issues related to the launch of new products and requires to calculate the profitability of the different positioning alternatives. Case questions and answers:

Colgate palmolive toothbrush case study

It is retained in the oral cavity for 12 hours after brushing prolonging the control of the oral bacteria that form plaque and can cause gingivitis, calculus, and oral malodor. The Cochrane Review evaluated 30 studies dating from to and involving 14, participants. We conduct and commission research, publish papers, closely investigate newly published information, and actively participate in expert symposia on an ongoing basis.

The NDA approval process requires a comprehensive evaluation of human safety. All new drug assessments include a review of nonclinical studies covering a wide array of toxicological endpoints, such as carcinogenicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity, eye and skin irritation, and short term and long term toxicity.

On September 6,the FDA issued final rules on consumer antibacterial hand soaps that prohibited the continued use of triclosan and 18 other antibacterial ingredients, effective from September 6, The FDA concluded that soap manufacturers had not submitted adequate safety evidence for use in these products; the agency did not conclude that triclosan in soap is unsafe.

Independent scientific committees of the European Commission have also evaluated triclosan several times the Scientific Committee on Cosmetic Products and Non-food Products inthe Scientific Committee on Consumer Products in andand the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety in Each concluded that triclosan use at 0.

The European Chemicals Agency ECHA is conducting a review of triclosan under the REACH regulation and determined that additional studies are necessary to complete its assessment regarding potential endocrine effects and persistence in the environment. This determination is currently under review.

Colgate palmolive toothbrush case study

In a separate review under the Biocides Regulation, ECHA determined that the sale of surgical hand scrubs containing a significantly higher level of triclosan are to be phased out as of January In addition, Canadian health and environmental authorities finalized a review of triclosan in November The review found that triclosan exposure from all sources did not pose a risk to human health in Canada.

Colgate is committed to reducing our impact on the environment and strengthening the sustainability profile of our products, including the ingredients we use.

Essay title: Colgate Palmolive Company - the Precision Toothbrush

We understand the questions being asked about triclosan, have reviewed existing research, and have sponsored studies and assessments with others and on our own. We are confident in the science that demonstrates that triclosan in our toothpaste is safe for the environment. Why should you share our confidence?

A very small amount of triclosan enters the environment. The remaining amount that is then released into the aquatic environment will continue to break down, since triclosan is biodegradable and breaks down in sunlight. To assess the potential for environmental harm, detailed assessments based on real-world exposures and concentrations have been conducted.

These assessments show triclosan does not accumulate in the bodies of fish and other aquatic animals. Instead, triclosan is rapidly processed through the digestive system and then excreted as waste.

These risk assessments utilizing environmental data from Europe and the US show no evidence of harm from the small amount of triclosan entering the environment.

The review found that triclosan did not pose a risk to human health in Canada, and that while it may have negative environmental impact above an identified level, this impact can be managed by limiting the release of triclosan into the environment.

Colgate continues to review all relevant studies and supports continued inquiry into the potential environmental impact of triclosan. We are confident in the scientific assessment that triclosan is safe at the low levels found in the environment today.

Deshmukh M, Barnes VM, et al. Compend Contin Educ Dent.Case Study – Colgate Precision Toothbrush Section C – Group 11 Psychographic is the science of using psychology and demographics to better understand consumers.5/5(5).

Colgate Palmolive Case Study Introduction Colgate- Palmolive is one of the leading consumer product organizations that have been dealing its products in worldwide.

Colgate-Palmolive Co.: The Precision Toothbrush [10 Steps] Case Study Analysis & Solution

Alex Colgate-Palmolive Case-Marketing Plan I. Executive Summary A. Summary of situation analysis The Colgate-Palmolive case involves the Precision toothbrush, which was. The toothbrush is an ever evolving object; however, the idea of the toothbrush is nothing new. There is evidence to support that in B.

C., Egyptians were fraying the edges of twigs to create bristles used for brushing the teeth ("History of Toothbrushes," ). Colgate Palmolive Case Study: Segmentation Strategy March 21, Segmentation Variables Geographically, Brazil is the largest country in South America and is the world’s fifth largest country in size and population.

It is bound by the Atlantic Ocean and bordered by Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Columbia, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Colgate should also adopt a marketing mix consistent with its positioning to cater to the segment of customers who focus on the toothbrushes' technical functions.

1. What are the changes that are occurring in the toothbrush category at the time of the case?

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