Cnbc small business report

He is also Chief Operating Officer of Bloomberg. Bryan Curtis Bryan Curtis is a journalist and media executive who has resided in Hong Kong since

Cnbc small business report

The Way of the Profit Both on screen and off, Marcus Lemonis is the king of turning around failing small businesses.

But his obsession with fixing companies comes at a price. He's wearing a fuchsia V-neck sweater with matching high-top sneakers, which makes him simple to spot, even before you notice the as-seen-on-TV glow.

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He's eating a bowl of granola with skim milk. It's not what he ordered--he had asked the waitress for raisin bran--but who sends cereal back?

Lemonis is in New York City today to shoot an episode of his hit reality show, The Profit, which debuted on CNBC a year ago, soared in the ratings this past spring, and returns for the second half of Season 2 in October. The Profit is a bit like business turnaround shows Bar Rescue and Restaurant: Impossible, except that Lemonis isn't a consultant, he's an investor.

In that way, The Profit is more like Shark Tank, except that Lemonis isn't cnbc small business report pitches from wannabes; he's seizing control of family-owned "sick businesses," as he calls them--a car dealership, a flower shop, a candy store--and fixing them. Invariably, things get messy.

Phil or even the Dog Whisperer. A lot can happen in those 40 unscripted minutes. While The Profit was on break, Lemonis kept going. He visited tiny Horton, Kansas, a failing prairie hamlet that he's been trying to rescue with the same mix of cash, know-how, and entrepreneurial passion he brings to struggling small businesses on The Profit.

And, through his personal investment fund, he bought more companies--notably Crumbs, the gourmet cupcake chain that he and a partner have vowed to rescue from bankruptcy. He also insists he's having a blast, and I believe that, too. But with each new episode of The Profit, with every sideline acquisition, Lemonis takes on a whole new set of open-ended commitments.

He knows it's not healthy. He is who he is, and it's taken him this far. Lemonis was back at his old high school in Florida not too long ago, where he spoke to a group of alumni.

Lemonis is not typically shy about sharing his contact information; his email address is posted next to his picture at the entrance to every Camping World location. If you send him a note, or a tweet, or if you comment on his Facebook page, he promises to respond, personally and without delay.

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But this man didn't know that. Nor did he seem to remember that before Lemonis was somebody, his classmates had treated him like a nobody. Because I had two friends I went to high school with and you're not one of them.

The lesson here, man, and you should teach this to your kids: You never know who somebody's gonna be, or what they're gonna do.

cnbc small business report

So why not be nice to everybody? Lemonis was adopted from an orphanage in Beirut when he was 9 months old. He grew up in Miami. His mom came from money. His dad was a blue-collar guy who worked for his father-in-law's Chevy dealership in the parts and service department.

The couple went to a lot of parties and Lemonis went with them, their darling only child all dressed up in a little coat and tie. I didn't get invited to parties. I didn't have any friends to speak of.

Then, he developed an eating disorder and lost the weight too fast. The stories Lemonis tells about his youth are like chapters in an endless saga of reinvention. The term he uses is rebranding. He tried playing sports--discus on the track team, long snapper on the football team--but he wasn't very good.AUTOMATE your Business Lending.

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cnbc small business report

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