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Assignement 1 hrpm

Assignment The Birth of the Solar System: Our planet, the Earth, is part of a much larger community. This family of planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and one star probably began the same way many other planetary systems are forming, which we can observe through telescopes. About 5 billion years ago our Solar System did not exist at all.

Assignement 1 hrpm

Instead, there was in its place a large cloud of gas and dust called a nebula. Over many millions of years, the immense gravity of this large cloud caused the dust and gas to slowly fall inward towards its center.

As matter in the cloud fell towards the center it began to spin. This spinning was caused by the basic laws of motion.

Objects in space do not speed up or slow down unless their speed is changed by something else. Also, all objects move in the same direction until their path is changed by something else. As the dust and gas fell into the center of the cloud, each particle resisted slowing down or changing directions.

However, the gravity of the growing matter in the center tried to pull the particles directly to the center. The strength of the gravity was not enough to pull the particles directly in, but it was strong enough to bend their paths around into a circle.

As the cloud began to swirl it also flattened out, much like spinning a lump of dough on your hand causes it to flatten out like a pizza crust.

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Now we have a flat spinning cloud of dust and gas. The center continued to collect more and more matter, growing larger and larger. At the same time, smaller clumps of matter began to form throughout the disk.

These smaller clumps would eventually become planets, moons, asteroids and comets. As matter collects into clumps it heats up. The more matter that collects, the hotter an object becomes.

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The Earth is still very hot in its core, this heat is left over from when the Earth originally formed. Eventually the Sun became so hot in its core that it ignited, turning hydrogen into helium.

Once the Sun ignited, the formation of the Solar System quickly ended.Assignment Comparative Planetology: In the last Astronomy Packet we talked about how scientists study the Earth to understand other worlds.

Assignement 1 hrpm

They also study worlds which are similar to each other in order to better understand how these worlds work. Comparing different planets to the Earth and to each other is called Comparative Planetology.

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