A letter explaining the concepts of the theater

Silvia by Charles Edward Perugini As the play begins, Valentine is preparing to leave Verona for Milan so as to broaden his horizons.

A letter explaining the concepts of the theater

Metaphor, examples of a dramatic metaphor viz for plays HOOK: Have a few examples of dramatic metaphors for plays displayed around the room. Allow the students time to examine each of the dramatic metaphors. While it would be nice to have some specific references listed here, the reality of dramatic metaphors is that the interpretation of the individual director determines what the metaphor is.

A letter explaining the concepts of the theater

So it is up to you, the teacher, to create the dramatic metaphor for a few specific plays and then display them accordingly. Some ideas that I have used in the past include: Transition — Have the students share their impressions of the displayed items.

What were they drawn to? What emotions did the items make them feel? Talk with them about how these inanimate objects can stir emotions and feelings and signify a certain concept or experience. Explain to them how these items connect to their respective plays.

Instruction — Review with the students what a metaphor is: Transition — Ask students how they could go about creating a dramatic metaphor: Some answers might include storyline, character relationships, conflict.

Have them consider the idea of theme as part of that information. Group Practice — Divide the class into partnerships. After listening to the description, the partner should write on a half piece of paper one sentence that states the message of the play.

Playwriting Glossary

Encourage the class to respond to the statements. Transition — Introduce to the class the idea that these statements are similar to a theme statement or a spineline for a play.

You can have students read aloud the section under The Spine on pages of the textbook for further explanation.

A letter explaining the concepts of the theater

Make sure that students understand that you can describe the theme of a play with a lot of language and length, but the spineline should be a brief statement.

Modeling — Have students create a spineline for a production that they are all familiar with perhaps a script previously studied in class or viewed together.

To contrast the two concepts taught so far: In other words, it is the unique way a director is going to tell the story. Using the two previous concepts to connect the concept: Draw the visual image of the following graph on the board or on an overhead: Checking for Understanding — Using the play and spineline created in step five, call on a few separate students to create a concept for that play.

After the concepts have been shared, have different students supply ideas of dramatic metaphors for those concepts. Assign students to come to class next period with a dramatic metaphor or viz for their production.

Students can be assessed through their participation in the discussions and through their partner spineline statements.It's clear that email (electronic mail) has become one of the most prevalent forms of communication.

In fact, email communication is not only used in lieu of letter writing, it has also replaced telephone calls in many social situations and in professional environments.

So, what is an email and. Several restaurants and a theater are part of the plan. issued a letter and presentation explaining changes that it argued would make shares more valuable.

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Jun 30,  · A concept statement clarifies an idea or design in words. Such statements are often used as part of a business plan or when proposing an idea to an investor or potential partner.

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